Apollo Bay – Paradise by the Sea

Nestled in at the base of the Otway Ranges, separating the lush green rainforest from the deep azure blue of the Southern Ocean, lies the peaceful coastal 제주바다뷰숙소 hamlet of Apollo Bay. Referred to by locals, and remembered by visitors, as ‘paradise by the sea’, Apollo Bay is built on a perfect, bow shaped beach whose white sands and gentle waves help justify this label, as does the relaxed atmosphere of the town and the laid back, no worries attitude of its residents.

With a history of fishing that dates back over 100 years, fishing, together with farming and tourism is one of the chief incomes of the town. The huge fleet moored in the towns harbour has become something of an attraction to visitors, who like to wander through the wharves observing the different boats coming in with their catch for the day.

Seafood doesn’t come much fresher than this, and lobsters and various other fish and crustaceans can be bought directly from the fishermen. If you fancy a bit of fishing yourself then charters are available from which you can fish out at sea or along the coastline, or you can hire rods and try your luck in the surf of the beaches around Apollo Bay. These beaches are swimming safe, so a dip could provide the perfect respite from your endeavours with the rod.

On the landward side of Apollo Bay lie the spectacular Otway Ranges. Characterized by the thick, lush rainforest vegetation and breath taking mountain scenery, you will need at least a couple of days to explore the exciting and enthralling attractions throughout this mountain range. There are thirteen impressive waterfalls in these mountains, and it is well worth your while to visit at least a few of them as they are all easily reachable from Apollo Bay.

The Erskine Falls are the most visited, where water cascades down a steep rocky face into a fern lined gully, kicking up a wall of spray that coats everything around in a fine layer of moisture. Triplet Falls are just as impressive, sharing the same damp rainforest characteristics.

Heading slightly west from Apollo Bay you reach Cape Otway, a rugged peninsula that juts out into the ocean and marks the start of the treacherous Shipwreck Coast. The Cape Otway lighthouse towers over the coastline from the peninsula, built to guide ships into the Bass Strait. These days you are able to climb the lighthouse and enjoy the coastal views on either side from its top, taking in the broken cliffs and rocks that have proved so perilous to ships of the past. Behind the peninsula is the Otway National Park, which is a continuation of the rainforest that covers the mountains in the hinterland.

Back into town and you can spend some time browsing through the many art galleries and studios that have developed in the area. Apollo Bay has a strong tradition of arts and crafts, and many artists come here to find inspiration from its tranquil setting and picturesque surrounds. A lot of inspiration is taken from the sea, and in the foreshore of the centre of town there are twenty four sculptures that strongly represent this influence.

Created by various artists from around the world, these sculptures are a large feature of the towns centre. On Saturday mornings a market opens on the foreshore, where local produce and arts and crafts is available for purchase, and many bargains can be found. In keeping with the strong cultural vibe of the town, the Apollo Bay Music Festival is held here each year in April. It attracts local and international artists and draws in people from all over the world.

If golf is your game then you will be delighted with the nine hole course in Apollo Bay. Hugging the coastline, each hole offers its own unique views of the ocean as well as its own challenges to the golfer. Its the perfect way to get some fresh air and take in some of the views the town offers.

Talking about sports, the Great Ocean Road marathon is held in Apollo Bay annually and draws crowds from all over the region and contestants from all over the world. It takes place in May every year, so if you are sports mad then try and work your holiday around these dates. Apollo Bay has a range of accommodation styles to suit all budgets and group sizes. If it seems a bit daunting trying to plan your stay and choose somewhere to stay, it shouldn’t be.

Gavin Wyatt is a journalist with a passion for travel. originally from Zambia he has traveled around the world to end up on the sunny shores of Australia. For more of his articles visit Car Hire in Victoria

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