Audio Books – A Better Way To Know This World

An acim book is a recording that is principally of the verbal words. It is often based on a recording of viably available materials on paper. However, this is not always the case, nor is this necessary to fit the meaning of an audio book. These books were not projected to be a book but it is an audio version of a book. Such books are mainly good for car rides and for people who face problems in reading or do not like to read. However, these books are also very useful for the blind people.

In the decade of 1980, major efforts have been made to attract the book merchants. With the entrance of various renowned publishers, these books become the part of every bookstore. The books mainly hold the context of a regular book but in an audible format. Various media types such as Cassettes and CDs are being used to record or store these books. These audio books could be of great advantage to the blind or illiterate people.

In the year 1931, a radio program was established by the Congress. This program was meant to help the blind adults. This program was known as Books for the Adult Blind Project. In the year 1932, The American Foundation for Blinds developed the foremost talking books. Mr. J.P. Harrington, an anthropologist, has contributed a lot in making such books a great success.

These books were mainly developed for the blind persons. However with the regular development in this field, these books are now also treated as the learning material for the people suffering from mental problems such as dyslexia. These spoken books also arrived as totally dramatised editions of the printed books.

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