Cat Behavior: Is it Normal… or is it Diabolical

It’s about that time many will decide they would like a pet to complete the picture. Some may want the company of a pet birman cats for sale; others might want surrogate children, either because they don’t have any yet, or maybe their children have grown and flown the nest. Of course, there are those who just appreciate the easy love and fidelity pets seem so easily capable of. Many will opt to get a cat. It’s here that the peace and tranquility you have established and come to know and expect is sure to be interrupted, if not challenged.

The introduction of any new pet, and cats in particular, will require a new way of thinking. With this new way of thinking, to be a successful cat owner will depend on how well one can incorporate balance and perspective, as an evaluation of oneself, into their new relationship. In other words, one needs to balance their own personal needs and the needs of their cat with a perspective that allows them to see the relationship in the long term as well as on a daily basis.

One brush contains extra small pins, and a small enough head to make brushing cats very easily. Be careful to brush the direction of your cat’s hair growth, otherwise you may hear it snarl. (Washing your cat’s hair in the wrong direction is like petting an animal’s hair in the wrong direction, and causes discomfort to the pet.)

Another necessary step in helping keep your cat clean and well groomed is to give the cat a bath. It is recommended to take a towel and a small carrier into the bathroom with you in case your cat gets upset before, during or after the bathing routine. The cat can be placed in it until he or she calms down.

When bathing the cat, it is best to use the proper shampoo. A gentle cat shampoo that lathers up pretty good is recommended. Either that, or if a cat has dandruff, it is best to use a shampoo that will help reduce the dryness and flaking of the cat’s skin. If the cat does not have dandruff, but instead has fleas, be sure to use a flea shampoo, and the proper flea comb to remove them.

Other grooming tips, when applied can help giving your cat a bath much easier, and safer. One tip to remember before putting your cat into the bathwater (usually in a sink or baby bath pan, because cats are too small to fit in a bathtub) is to make sure that your house temperature is at least 70 degrees, so your cat does not freeze when taken out of the water to dry.

Furthermore, before you put your cat into the bathwater, sure to check the temperature of the water, so it is not too hot or too cold for your cat. The part of the hand that provides the most accurate indication of water temperature is the on the back of your hand, or on the wrist. Best results for providing the right water temperature is to make sure you periodically test it when you are filling up the sink or other bath basin with water, and not afterwards.

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