Could You Sell More Books On Amazon

If you are an author who has chosen to self-publish or sign with a small publisher, your job is not over when you push the “publish” a course in miracles books. The massive book selling giant can give you a tremendous amount of exposure. However, you are competing in a large, growing market. New authors are getting published every day. You could write a very useful resource, or even the next Great American Novel. But if nobody knows about it, you will not make any sales.

Amazon will help authors with promotions, but they tend to help those who help themselves! If you start selling some books, you will move up on the bestseller lists. Your book may also be displayed on the recommendation lists for buyers who purchased a particular type of book. This exposure will increase your visibility, and that should generate a lot more sales. But you need to start generating some of these sales in the first place.

How can you begin to build your own momentum?

There are many book sites that publish reviews. Some of these are great while others will not do much for you. If you have a limited budget, like many new authors, you need to take advantage of as much free and low cost advertising as possible. Some sites will list your book for free, but the really popular ones tend to pick up books that have already been purchased and reviewed by others.

Tell People That You Know

Start with your own social circles. I was very nervous the first time I posted a message about my first new book on my social networks. I really did expect to be ignored, or perhaps even mocked. I was very pleasantly surprised because my friends and family were very supportive. Some purchased my book out of curiosity, and they sent me their comments. Others liked and shared my messages which helped me get the word out to more people.

I do not suggest that you constantly post about your new book. People on social networks also want to see pictures of your dogs and kids! But you can certainly do it every once in awhile. If you are supportive of your social network when they have something to post, they will probably return the favor!

Expand Your Audience

You cannot, of course, just rely upon your old classmates, coworkers, friends, and family. You will need to expand your audience as quickly as you can. I did mention asking for reviews and promotions on book websites. But I have probably had even more success by finding sites that were related to my niche, but not actually about books.

For example, if you wrote a new cookbook, look for cooking sites and forums. If you write historical fiction, perhaps people who frequent history websites would be interested. Put yourself in the shoes of the type of person who might purchase your book, and it should become easy to figure out what kind of websites could help you.

Try to engage the site owners in our book. It may not hurt to mention that they can use their Amazon affiliate link when they list your book.

Some websites also have active forums or other types of social connections. If you participate as a helpful and friendly member, and follow the rules, you can surely find some opportunities to mention your own book.

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