Experiencing Prague Nightlife With the Locals

Prague is, and probably long will be, best known as a well-preserved historic city rich in tales spanning centuries. From the Prague Castle to the Charles Bridge, this amazing Old World capital screams “HISTORY!” However, in recent years, the Prague 다낭 풀빌라 has been attracting increased attention. This ancient city has developed a vibrant and wild late night party scene.

You won’t see Prague’s every day citizens packing the dance halls and hot clubs, though. While some local youth may enjoy late nights with out-of-towners, most of Prague’s residents understandably find their ways to watering holes that still attract a homegrown crowd. If you’re visiting Prague and want to experience the nightlife with the locals, you may want to track down a few of the traditional bars in the area.

If you’re interested in experiencing some local flavor after the sun goes down, you should prepare yourself for a wildly different experience than is offered at the many popular westernized clubs in the city.

You’re more likely to find yourself elbow to elbow with someone’s great uncle Vaclav that with a would-be European supermodel. In Prague, people of all adult ages enjoy an evening out and the local bars are populated by people of all age groups and socioeconomic positions. If you feel compelled to hang out with an exclusively younger crowd, you might want to avoid the local joints. The Prague nightlife in traditional bars is more likely to feature an accordion in the background than a hot club re-mix.

Your English isn’t going to do you much good. You may encounter a few people who know a little English, but the local bar scene isn’t the place to find staffs (or customers) familiar with your way of speaking. If you completely lack the necessary language skills and can’t find someone who has them to accompany you, a journey into the “real Prague” at night can be a little problematic!

If you can’t stand the smoke, stay out of the neighborhood bars. The Czech Republic isn’t on the same “ban smoking everywhere” kick you see in the United States and elsewhere. Many Czechs enjoy a few cigarettes with their evening’s libations and the old local bars, which often don’t have the best ventilation systems, can get pretty smoky! If you’re the type who crinkles up his or her nose at even a hint of tobacco smoke, these bars probably won’t be your cup of tea (or glass of beer).

Speaking of beer, prepare yourself for a slice of Prague nightlife free of fancy mixed drinks. If your tastes run in the direction of Technicolor fruity drinks, light beers and the latest high-profile Hollywood concoctions, the old school bar scene in Prague may shock you. You can drink beer – real Czech beer with bite – or liquor. There may be some water and ice around. Beyond that… Well, don’t expect too much!

What you can expect is a great time. While the new clubs may be the aspect of Prague nightlife attracting the most attention, the bars populated by the citizens actual residents are among the most friendly and interesting in the city. There’s nothing wrong with hitting the latest disco, but you can develop a stronger sense of what Prague and her people are really like by taking a side trip to a bar that’s slightly off the standard tourist’s radar.

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