Finding Your Dream Pharmacy Is Now a Reality

In order to reap the benefits of a well-paid position as a pharmacy technician or `PT`, individuals are recommended to attend a qualified PT program or obtain a 2-year Associates’ degree with emphasis on becoming a koop suboxone eu tech.

With that education, program attendees and college graduates can easily take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam and earn their CPhT, which will help ensure their access to the best employment positions and not only basic retail positions.

About the Pharmacy Technician Test in the US

US PTs who pass the PT Certification Exam will earn their CPhT (Certified Pharmacy Technician), which makes them available for employment by one of the increasing numbers of facilities that are requiring certification for pharmacy techs.

Comprised of multiple-choice questions, the PCTE is a computerized exam given in one sitting at numerous testing locations, with a time allotment of 110 minutes to complete it.

Of those questions, 66% of the test covers assisting pharmacists in serving patients, 22% covers medication control and inventory and 12% covers pharmacy management and administration.

The purpose of these questions is to determine an examinee’s knowledge of the pharmacy industry, their role as an assistant and other important topics that are essential when working as a pharmacy tech.

Those who pass the exam receive the certification of CPhT. Those who do not pass the exam may re-test up to three more times. In order to take the PCTE exam again, a period of 60 days must pass between each attempt; 6 months must pass before the last re-test will be permitted. Currently, the cost of taking the exam is $129 USD each time.

Additionally, the National Healthcare Association offers a PT test as well, which also awards those who pass with the certification of CPhT. There is no difference in certification received; both exams offer the same qualifications.

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