Google Places for Realtors

Over the next year we are going to see a major shift in the importance of your local listing in Google Places. There are several aspects of search marketing in Comprar avaliações Google that are directly related to the success of my real estate projects and here is one you want to take note of.

Start getting citations from your friends, family and past clients. If you’re wondering what a citation or a review is a review or testimonial of your real estate services.

If you Google your city’s name and the term “realtor” you will see the other Google Places listings of your competitors. Look at the top one or two listings.

You will see something that says Google reviews. See how many reviews your competitors have. Your average competitor will not have more than ten citations. If you can make your starting goal to have twenty citations then you are on your way to getting some great results with your Google Places listing.

After you reach your goal of twenty reviews, make it getting reviews and citations apart of your normal dealings with clients. It will pay off in dividends.

When setting up your profile try to find a way to use realtor and/or real estate in your title. Make sure when you write your title that it still looks like a natural explanation of your real estate business.

Please do not over use your keywords in the category area of your Google Places listing. Upload video and pictures where you can. Make sure you use your commercial office address instead of your home office address. Try to use your cell phone as the primary number and your office number as your secondary number.

In my experience people that call the number don’t necessarily know who they are looking for. What this means to you is that if you don’t put your cell phone number and you share an office with other realtors… you might just end up doing a bunch of lead generation for everyone else but yourself.

Make sure you have a website and try to have a video on your home page describing why your prospects should work with you. Video seems to make a big difference for use because the average prospect spends more time on our website when they don’t have to read. What this does is give use more opportunity to build trust and a stronger chance of getting someone to call our office.

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