How to Achieve Spiritual Awakening

Have you met an daniel elijah josephor Buddhist Monk before? Many of us have never encountered such a person. All we really know about them is what we see in images or as a Hollywood interpretation. It is quite easy to say they might have a dreamy or blissful look and manner. It is this manner you may wish to achieve with a spiritual awakening, but first you must divest yourself of the mundane.

A lot of us live in busy cities with stress as our main meal. It is a life of deadlines, expectations and high goals that will dominate our lives. You will most likely have an urge to rid yourself of these worries and thoughts every once in a while, but the question of how to achieve this will be foremost in your mind. Will traveling to a resort, playing in your garden, or any other method of peaceful activity really restore you and reduce the stress? The answer is probably not. Instead you need a spiritual awakening that will cure what ails you.

So what is this spiritual awakening we are discussing? A spiritual awakening is a process that helps an individual become balanced. It is meant to increase your awareness, offer enlightenment, and above all transcend you into another plane. The question now becomes how you will enter this state of being? Do you have to become a monk or recluse to concentrate on your “rebirth”? Some might find it helpful, but it is actually quite a detailed process you have to follow.

Meditation and Spiritual Awakening

To bring about a spiritual awakening you need to understand how your mind works. You need to know what is tangible, what is intangible and then understand that we are all a product of our mind and process. Only a portion of our brain is ever used until a spiritual awakening occurs in which we can interpret things in a different light. We can no longer depend on our perception as a truth because it is always filtered by the mind and what we have been told to perceive.

We have been told the color blue is actually blue, but couldn’t it have been called red and we would have the same perception? The fact is those who believe in spiritualism and its awakening in the human body believe that color is an illusion because our minds are interpreting it for us in its limited capacity. You must try to relax and concentrate in order to reach a spiritual awakening.

Try to imagine a dome that is invisible to sight and that your mind is outside of this dome. It is a place where thoughts and fantasy are not able to go. If you can reach this state you will find silence in which your mind will be free. You will have feelings of an encompassing nature. Your body and mind will be enlightened where you will have a good hold on reality rather than false images and perception. Peace will enter you.

Practice Required

Practice is required to achieve a state of spiritual awakening within yourself. As long as you can practice you can continue to be at peace and in balance.

Gaetane Ross is a Certified Natural Health Consultant who has spent over 4 years focusing on Nutrition and Health. She also specializes in Alternative Medicine, Spiritual Healing and Healthy Lifestyle. Gaetane’s mission is to positively transform the lives of everyone she meets by providing advice on Healthy Living.

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