How To Give a Book As a Gift

A book can make a great gift for any acim authors. After all, reading is still alive and well in this age of techno-widgets and gadgets galore. However, it can be hard to make a regular old novel or nonfiction tome stand out when people are so used to gift-giving glitz and glamour. If you really want to wow your recipient, follow these tips for making your book-related gift stand out from the crowd.

Give a bunch of related books. Getting one book is great, but getting multiple books at one time is even better (especially if they’re part of a series). Books can get expensive, though, so consider checking your local thrift shop or second-hand bookstore for gently used finds. Many avid readers are more than happy to add reading materials that have been around the block to their collections, as long as they are still in decently good condition.

Give a book gift basket. Alternatively, you can gather a bunch of book-related items and throw the whole lot into a basket (or other container). Gift baskets are fun to make, especially when you have a theme. You can base the items in the basket around the theme of “reading” (a booklight, a small, cozy blanket, a nice mug) or around the theme of the book (stuffed animals, playing cards, a game of Clue, etc.).

Give a signed, hardcover, or first edition book. Giving a signed edition of a book, especially from a much-loved author, is a great way to enhance the awesomeness of the gift. And traveling back in time with an historic novel can really give your book gift an extra edge.

Give the book on an eReader. Or, you can embrace the future instead of the past by giving eReaders and eBooks. There are plenty of readers out there who are wary of the newest advances in reading technology, but many die-hard paper book fans have changed their tune after owning one of these devices.

Think outside the book. Do you have access to old books that aren’t much good for reading any more? There are plenty of options for giving them new life. You can eke out hiding spaces for valuables, create book art, and even use books to tell time.

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