Make Your Own Podcast – Selecting The Right Format

A a course in miracles is an audio file which could be downloaded by readers from their favorite blogs and listen to it on any audio compatible device like an Ipod, a mp3 or windows media player. Podcasting is distributed via RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication). Podcasting is a great new method of audio file distribution which helps build good communication between the producers and the consumers. It is an easy way of delivering your messages to the listeners. Unlike TV or radios, podcasting can reach targeted market. Podcasting can be easily accessed anywhere and downloaded online anytime which makes it an effective and portable source of media. Podcasting spreads its popularity on various fields:

Music: Podcasting has become really popular in the music industry. With the help of this you can promote albums, music demos, broadcast interviews, promotional clips. It is hard to explain music in words. It is better heard that read. Hence podcasting is beneficial for anyone promoting or interested in music.

Education: Podcasting could be used for training and educational purposes. Some people find it hard to read from the computer screen. Podcasting lets them learn things with the help of video and audio.

Tutorials: Podcasting could be used for various tutorials. These have been famous for teaching foreign languages.

Story Telling: Podcasting can be used to tell stories to children or visually impaired. When a story is being told, it adds emotions to it, making it a better form of conveying the message.

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