Our Chemical World

We are chemical beings and U-47700 Powder for sale regulate everything about our lives (an overly simplistic statement that does work for this article). Our bodies are capable of producing every chemical need to be happy, healthy, creative, motivated and more. If these statements are true and they are, why aren’t we all of those things? Why are so many of us unhappy, anxious, depressed, unhealthy, unmotivated and stuck in our current life situation. One simple answer is, that we are addicted to the chemicals (neurotransmitters, neuropeptides, hormones) needed to produce negative, unhappy lives. We are emotionally conditioned to look outside ourselves for fulfillment, happiness, satisfaction, love, etc. We are exposed to a constant diet of emotion/feeling causing news (?), entertainment (?) and advertising, designed to keep us addicted to our familiar non-empowering states of being. If you are tired of where you are in life, or with your life, you will need to turn off your network broadcast TV. Just that simple/difficult(?) act will improve the quality of your internally produced chemicals.

If you have ever wondered why change is so difficult and slow all you need do is look at the behavior, belief, emotional response patterns of your life. Most have been there for a long time, causing us to do, think and respond the same ways we learned from past environmental events and people. We tend to respond the same ways over and over, even though those patterns don’t produce the results we actually want or need. Most of us know of being dis-empowered with stress, fear, anxiety, judgment, envy, anger, etc. Each of these emotions/beliefs/thoughts produce chemicals that cause us to respond in consistent predictable ways. We are familiar with our specific chemicals or sets of chemicals because they start us on the addictive loop of feeling the way we think and thinking the way we feel. Each of these chemical producing thoughts can make you sick, cause disempowering beliefs/behaviors and keep you as a dependable consumer of what “they” are selling, both in products and rhetoric.

You can learn to change, to control your thoughts and beliefs (chemicals), but the change will require focused practice. Learn to change the way you feel, think and respond, to start developing real self- empowerment and creativity.

I will leave the chemicals from within for now, because volumes have been written and will be written on the subject. I encourage you to find out much more. Now, on to our environmental chemicals and there are so many that we live in a virtual chemical soup from drinking water, hot tubs, insecticides, medications, herbicides, industrial pollution, etc. Each one of these chemicals effect us and our world.

A few years ago, I saw a haunting picture of a soldier from the Gulf War holding his little girl, who was born without arms. I realize the strength that can be developed in individuals and the wonderful loving relationships that can be a part of profound challenges. I was touched by the picture and was reminded of a paper I presented to my fellow directors of the head injury clinic I was working with. One of our clients was being prescribed a specific medication and my job was to inform everyone working in the clinic how dangerous it is/was. Most had not heard of it and those who knew of it thought that the latest stuff was different (it isn’t). It is the same medication that caused more than 10,000 profound birth defects in the late 1950s to 1961. Do a little research, millions $$$ are being made by the producers/sellers of this medication, the spin doctors are working their magic, however the pictures and stories of the victims of the stuff (chemical) are there, yelling at you to pay attention. This medication is available in our environment now and I wonder if that Golf War soldier was exposed to a set of chemicals that responded in his body like that terrible chemical/medication.

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