The Cupping Therapy – The New Medication for Pain

In the last few decades, the medical industry has turned over a new leaf. Given a choice, people are gearing more towards alternative medicine over and invasive procedures. Who wouldn’t if you are being promised good health minus all the unpleasant side effects?

One such method that has grabbed attention is the cupping therapy. Although still new in the United States, this healing technique is quite ancient and has been widely practiced for years in China, Egypt, Middle East and Eastern European cultures.

A trained therapist applies heated cups to specific areas of your body, generally muscular areas like the back, stomach, arms and legs. The cups could be of glass, plastic or silicone.

There are different ways in which the cupping therapy is done. The first is the “dry cupping” or the “fire cupping” method. A cotton ball is soaked in an inflammable substance such as rubbing alcohol. The cotton ball is set on fire and used to heat the cups. Alternately, the cups are heated in hot water or oil.

Once the cup is well-heated, it is immediately placed on the patient’s skin. As the skin rises, it seals the cup off completely. The heat creates a vacuum causing the skin and muscles to form a small puff. The cup is allowed to sit in this position for a few minutes before it is safely removed. In the “moving cupping” method, the cups are not held in a single position, but are moved smoothly over different areas. The therapist first applies oil or cream to the skin before the cups are applied. The reddened areas are due to the suction and expansion of the blood vessels.

The second method is the wet cupping method. After applying and removing the cups, the cupping therapist makes small incisions to the skin. The suction is repeated to draw out small quantities of blood. The third method is the combination of cupping with acupuncture. This one is the most effective of all the three. It involves inserting needles before the cup is placed onto the skin.

Cupping Therapy and Pain Mitigation
The cupping therapy is known for its varied therapeutic effects. However, pain mitigation is among the most well known. It is for this reason that a number of athletes swear by it. It helps for the following pain conditions:

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