Tips to Reduce Your Holiday Expenses to Phuket and Thailand

While we mainly aim this article at visitors to our part of the world in Phuket, link slot gacor thailand Thailand, you can apply a lot of the advice to holidays anywhere in the world. One of the great attractions of Thailand is that it is cheap. The Tourism Authority of Thailand can carry on pushing their vision of Thailand as a millionaire’s playground for as long as they want but still the majority of visitors will be people who have a limited budget.

In this article, we will give a few simple tips to help you make your money go further. We are not talking about the sort of penny-pinching measures that backpackers use to make their tiny budget stretch a year. We are not going to suggest you eat noodles every day. After all, you are on holiday and holidays are meant to be enjoyed. However, most people have worked hard for their two-week holiday in the land of smiles and there is no reason why they should not get the best from their money. Here are a few simple tips to make the money go a bit further.

If you want budget accommodation then usually you can find good deals just by walking in off the street. Walk around the side streets of any of Phuket’s beach resorts and you will find guesthouses. During peak high-season (Xmas & January) it is better to book in advance as there may not be any rooms available. Whatever you do, do not ask a tuk-tuk driver for a recommendation. They will just take you somewhere that pays them commission.

If you want mid to high range accommodation then you should book in advance. If you walk in off the street, you will pay more for your room. It may seem strange but it is cheaper to book in advance through a travel agent or internet-booking site. The internet booking sites have the best rates. An excellent tool for finding the best rates is target=”_blank” >Hotels Combined.

This Australian based website does a price comparison across 30 internet-booking sites and finds the cheapest available rates. If you are on a longer-term holiday of a month or more then it may be worth looking for an apartment. If you go further back from the beach (e.g. Nanai Road in Patong), you can find nice one bedroom apartments from 12,000 baht a month.

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