VoIP Broadband Phone – Uses, Benefits and Precautions

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol.  It is a technology that uses broadband connection to make and receive voice calls.  Therefore,VoIP Broadband Phone – Uses, Benefits and Precautions Articles VoIP phone is also known as broadband phone.  VoIP technology converts your voice into digital signal and transmits it over the internet.  The signal is converted back to voice before it reaches the magnetic planar headphones.

You can use broadband phone as your primary phone to replace the analog phone line or use it as a second phone at home.  Since the voice signal is transmitted over the internet and is considered as data service, VoIP phone service is exempted from long distance fees paid by local phone companies.  This means that VoIP service can offer a very attractive rate for long distance and international calls.  VoIP broadband phone service also comes with additional service such as caller ID, call waiting, call forwarding, conference call, etc.  But unlike analog phone companies, broadband phone providers often offer these services for free.Some VoIP broadband phone providers allow you to choose a virtual phone number.  The virtual number can have a country code or area code different from where you live. 

If you select a virtual number for a region where most of your family, friends or customers reside, they will only be charged for local calls when they call your virtual number.The main benefit of VoIP phone service is obviously the cost.  A VoIP phone line is not only cheaper than an analog phone line, it gives you additional savings to make and receive long distance and international calls.  The package of free features (call waiting, call forwarding, caller ID) provided by many broadband phone companies is an additional bonus.  If you use a virtual phone number, you can even help your family, friends and customers to save on long distance calls when they call you from other areas or countries.

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