Great Church Growth Ideas

Nowadays, as the numbers of people in world are increasing, the need for Spiritual guidance also increased. However, the lack of mystical teachings people can satisfy their Spirits and souls start to decrease not only in quantity, but most of all, in quality.

The declining growth in Church ministry has resulted to Spiritual stagnation that causes more violence and crime in the populace. It can be noted that countries who are not yet fully reached by the Gospel are more subject to these violence and other heinous crimes. One way to solve this devastating problem is to plant a Church of God that may cater the spiritual needs of the people. But prior to church planting, Church growth must first be established on emerging Churches who started to decline in number and Spiritual growth.

Church growth is one of the vital elements that a church ministry must have. It can be the core reason of a person’s individual Spiritual growth. If a person belongs to a Church who does not impart growth in their faith, it will affect their way of thinking and paradigm in life. In addition, church ministries who give greater value on Church growth rather than on other aspects, such financial, may likely have a positive impact the whole congregation and the society as a whole.

Having identified the necessity of Church growth, it will be wise to think of ideas that may help a Church grow. There are five great Church growth Ideas that may help a single Church to widen its mission. First, there should be a unanimous decision among the members to experience church growth by broadening and strengthening its prayer life. Prayer is very vital in everyone’s life, thus the most important part of helping a Church grow is to surrender to the Lord in prayer. Second, is to plan.

Church leaders, such as Pastors, Elders and members of the Church Council must keenly think of a plan that may help the church grow. Plans can be made through a Spiritual retreat. By doing this, Church leaders may be able to come up with plans that are guided by the Holy Spirit. Third is constant fellowship among the members. This idea is very effective among small churches. Every Church starts through fellowship and by keeping a regular fellowship among members the Spirituality of the members will continue to grow and spiritual burnout will be avoided. Fourth is to start having community programs. This idea may be one of the plans that the church leaders may come up. However, this idea must be directly put into action.

Through community programs, people may become aware about the existence of the church and the abundant life that it may give to people. They will also come to know that only in the family of God they can find a life that is driven by love and purpose. Lastly, is to develop and enhance the youth ministry. Currently, the numbers of young people that can be seen in the church are declining. Thus, the needs to uplift them and to bring them to the church are very vital for they will be the future leaders of the church. They must also be trained about helping the church grow, by starting that growth in themselves.

By putting into practice the Church growth ideas mentioned above, the Church will not only experience the growth that they longed for, but most of all they can live out the mission that the Lord has given them from the very beginning of time.

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