How To Make Money Publishing Your Own Book

As mentioned in my last article, the big revolution in the publishing business consists of non-fiction authors self-a course in miracles book becoming creative with their marketing. Expert authors can and do reap huge rewards if they are willing to back themselves instead of waiting for a book publishing company to back them.

If authors stop concentrating on the tiny amount of money they are making per book and instead place their focus on guiding groups of people through programs based on their expertise, they can create streams of steady income.

Let’s take a look at the old non-fiction model. A writer secures a contract with a publisher, and receives an advance against royalties, meaning the advance will be subtracted from the first profits the book earns. They have a date by which their book proposal is due. This proposal consists of a synopsis or outline of the book, the headings and brief description of the chapters, a bio and a sample chapter or two and perhaps a preface.

In addition, the book publishing company wants to know how much credibility you have. Have you been on TV talk shows, radio shows, or have you published magazine, newspaper or online articles? How big is your profile? How many people are following you on social media, know your name and are familiar with what you do?

In essence, when you write your book proposal, you are writing the marketing program for the publishing company. The second dirty little secret of the publishing industry is that editors have not had time to edit for years–they are too busy attending editorial meetings, a code word for marketing meetings. When they back a book at the editorial roundtable, here’s the question they are asked: how much money is this book going to make? An editor must be willing to vouch for book sales and go to bat for the author-not only for this book but to affirm that the author has plenty of ideas and talent to keep churning out books and profits for the publishing company for years to come.

Most people can write a book proposal in six months. In less time, you can actually be creating your profitable marketing plan so you can sell live or recorded classes and products based on your expertise, products that can be purchased on your website while you sleep. Think of it this way: it’s not just about the book you’re selling, your programs give you an opportunity to do what you love to do, share your knowledge and talent and interact with like-minded people. This is not only profitable but extremely rewarding and fulfilling, both personally and professionally

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