Your Christian Book Promotion Blueprint

As a Christian author, you understand that books are a way of effectively immortalizing Christian education and training to influence both present and future generations. If you have just published or are planning to publish a a course in miracles books for all the Christian readers out there, then you are in for a great endeavor. You must have put in 101% in creating your book to be worthy of taking part in God’s teaching ministry, but finishing and publishing the book successfully means only half of your work is done. The remaining half that needs to be done can spell the difference between your book truly making an impact in the lives of people or being just another book gathering dust on the shelves. This other half is called marketing-promoting your Christian book so it reaches its target market satisfactorily.

Christian book promotion, to be successful, is no walk in the park. It entails more than just making sure your book gets displayed on your local bookshop’s window, or furnishing copies to your family so it can spread by sheer word of mouth. To be among the chosen few who get to be part of the best-sellers list, your book promotion plan should be organized and crafted strategically. Therefore, creating a Christian book promotion blueprint should be on top of your to-do list if you want your book to be a big hit with a great impact on your potential readers out there.

In constructing your book promotion blueprint, first identify the reasons why or how your book fits the needs of your readers. People will not buy something that will not benefit them in some way. So list the specific reasons why people should buy and read your book by citing its features and the corresponding benefits for your readers. Also note how you can stimulate your readers’ interest in your book and plan some holiday promotions to boost your sales throughout the year. Furthermore, identify organizations and charitable institutions you can tie up with as well as radio or TV talk shows you could guest on to promote your book.

Next, use the ideas you have gathered to pinpoint and make specific marketing strategies that will help you bring your book closer to the public. Set up book signing events and speaking engagements where you can personally speak to an audience and present the reasons why they should read your book. Write articles that relate your book to current news or events and submit them to your local paper or post them online. Better yet, build a website about your book so that readers interested in your topic can simply come across it online when they search for it in the internet. You can also do virtual book tours, network with people who can further make your book known to others, and send out press releases to local media and other publications.

After you have drafted out these specific actions, schedule them in a 52-week action plan accordingly. Make sure you have at least one major promotional activity each week, and as you carry out this book promotion blueprint, note how the public is responding. Make adjustments in your plan as needed, and you’re sure to see positive results as an outcome of an organized and well-thought out book marketing plan.

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