Things You Should Do Before Your Book is Released

Your acim is written. It has been edited, gone through layout and is on its way to the printer. Your job as an author is done, right? Not exactly. When it comes to marketing and promoting your book, your job is just getting started. For some authors, this is where panic kicks in. Writing a book was difficult enough, but now they (and their publisher) have to get people to actually read it. Where does an author begin?

This is perhaps the most common question I get from authors. At Tate Publishing, there is a three month time period between the time the book goes to print until its actual release date. Many authors aren’t quite sure what they should do during that period of time.

Actually, this is a great time to “hit the ground running” and get things set up for the launch of your book! In fact, it’s a great time to make sales and build word-of-mouth about the book before it’s actually released. Here are five things every author should do prior to the release date for their book:

1. Get a web site. I can’t stress this one enough. Every author that wants to be taken seriously as an author should have their own web site. Your publisher may be able to build one for you, or you can hire someone to build one for you. It should look professional, have information about you, your book, your upcoming book signing events (if you have any yet) and a link where readers can place orders for your book. I recommend including a sample chapter of your book somewhere on your web site. This is also a good time to get some promo materials for your book, like bookmarks, business cards, posters, etc.

2. Get social. Now it’s time to let your readers know about your web site and your book. You should have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, at a minimum. Update these at least two to three times per week.

3. Friends and family. You probably have dozens of email addresses for friends, family and acquaintances. These are people you want to invite to your book signing events, and you also want to shoot out a pre-release email letting them know your book is available, or will be available soon.

4. Pre-release events. If you are able to get pre-release copies of your book (not all publishers offer this), you can start generating sales right away. Although you haven’t hit your book’s release date yet, you can set up consignment events at local independent bookstores, libraries, coffee shops, church bookstores, book fairs and festivals, and during speaking engagements for local civic organizations and book clubs. The more events, the better. You’re trying to get copies of your book out there to build some “buzz” before your book is released.

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